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 Men's Skin Care

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PostSubject: Men's Skin Care   Men's Skin Care Icon_minitimeFri Mar 26, 2010 2:06 pm

I was just wondering what line of men's skin care do people prefer. I've searched and stumbled upon a few threads stating that people generally didn't like Lab Series moisturizers and did like Kiehl's moisutrizers. However, I was also thinking along the lines of face washes, exfoiliants/scrubs/masks, as well as moisturizers. I went to Macy's the other day and was looking at Clinique m-lotion and the employees seemed to push the entire line of Lab Series stuff more. I liked the Lab Series lip balm since it worked immediately and I have extremely dry lips even with the use of Carmex. Although people liked the Kiehl's moisturizer, I'm a little weary of it because the Kiehl's website seemed to focus their products on the shaving routine where I don't really need to worry about that so much (I use Art of Shaving stuff already). I just want a clean face and products that work.

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Men's Skin Care
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